Ages 6-9

Any child in grades 1 to 4 who promises to abide by the Adventurer Pledge and Law can join an Adventurer Club. Although the Adventurer Club is sponsored by the Seventh-day Adventist Church, children of any faith are encouraged to join!

Adventurer Clubs are full of creativity and imagination! Children learn about the Bible, health and fitness, nature, and people skills through:
1.) Club Meetings 2.) Field Trips 3.) Nature Activities 4.) Crafts & Games 5.) Conference Events

Where Children Can:

  • Learn Christian Values
  • Experience the joy of doing things well
  • Express their love for Jesus naturally
  • Discover their God-given abilities and use them to benefit self and others

Club Pledge & Law

Because Jesus loves me, I will always do my best.

Jesus can help me to:

Be obedient
Be pure
Be true
Be kind
Be respectful
Be attentive
Be helpful
Be careful
Be thoughtful
Be reverent

Adventurer Club Song

We are Adventurers at home,
At school at play,
We are Adventurers,
We’re learning every day,
To be honest kind and true,
To be like Jesus through and through.
We are Adventurers!